Hello, and welcome to my Smash Mods page. Here, you will find a host of creations brought into existence by myself (with or without Team Intuition's occasional assistance). Please, peruse, and enjoy. If you have any questions, you can use the nav bar on the left side to jump to the contact info section.

Finally, please note that many of the elements here are transparent. To make them more opaque, simply hover over them with your mouse. Or, if viewing on a mobile divice, click the section to focus on it.

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Project: Ahri

Ahri, the lovely, given form through Zelda, she bewitches those who are seduced by her beauty, and wrestles with morality as she feasts on the life-essence of those who fall prey to her splendor. She is mighty, with incredible air mobility, her multi-hued fox orb, and the souls of her ancestors, she is a force to be reckoned with. DO NOT underestimate a cornered fox...

Terra-Alpha (over Peach)

Project: Terra-Alpha

This was the prototype for Terra, built over Peace. Casting Sorcerer-Level magic to decimate her enemies, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Terra-Beta (over Zelda)

Project: Terra-Beta

This was the successor to the prototype, built over Zelda. The full-sized, improved model. Fear her twisters, quakes and meltdowns.

Terra-Gamma (over Sheik)

Project: Terra-Gamma

The final Esper, built over Shiek. The perfect complement, with master level magic, flight, holy spells, explosive magicite, storms, flare combos and SO much more. Beware the beast within.


Project: Phoenix

Phoenix et quae transvolat in saeculum mundi conversus, Devoratrix mundi, craver vitae, major est stellae, petens ut eius impleat fame. Indefinita. Beware, she cometh.

P. Amaterasu

Project: Ammy

The goddess Ammaterasu, given human form through Princess Peach, to become Princess Ammy - solar elemental mistress & master of divine sorceries.

Nega/Mega-Volt Lucario

Nega/Mega-Volt Lucario

Lucario Overloaded, the power of aura over-flowing, golden energy, dancing deep inside, propelling forward to previously unknown heights. Welcome, thunderous Lucario. Shows us what you can do ;-)

Neo-Uchiha Twins

Neo-Uchiha Twins

A costume - for Sheik - who's lore stems from the Uchihas. The Neouchiha Shadow Siblings, descended from the first of the Uchiha's - who possessed the Eye of Twilight before it became the better-known Sharingan.

SSB4? Bowser

SSB4 Bowser

A request-based creation, to make SSBB bowser more like SSB4 bowser, before SSB4 came out. Pursuant to that, he was made to walk upright, given horn erections, and his bite is much worse than his bark ;-)

PM: Waluigi Port

Project M: Waluigi

A request-based creation, to port Waluigi over Pit for Project M specifications.There isn't too much more to say about this, if you know Waluigi, and you like him, then be happy.


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